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    RAW-Systems Limited trading as BudeSEO.

    1. RAW agrees to provide “Services” to the Customer.

    2. The Services shall include, but are not limited to:

    1. Researching keywords and phrases
    2. Writing and publishing of articles on the website and blogs
    3. Analysis and recommendations on structure, content, navigation, code, etc
    4. Recommendation for website changes, additional pages, content, etc
    5. The use of tools to help benefit and improve ranking position
    6. Writing reports and producing statistics

    3. The Customer agrees to provide the following:

    1. Administrative/backend access to the website
    2. Permission to make changes for the provision of the Services
    3. Access to accounts related to tracking statistics and usage information
    4. Use of clients logos, name and imagery as necessary for the provision of the Services
    5. To supply content and images for the purposes of writing articles

    4. The Customer acknowledges the following:

    1. All fees, services, documents and recommendations are confidential
    2. RAW has no control over the policies of search engines and the inclusion or exclusion of content
    3. RAW cannot guarantee number one positions or consistent ranking on search engines
    4. Occasionally updates to search engines algorithms can cause fluctuations in position or ranking
    5. Any documents or reports are not to be shared with any other third party without written consent

    5. RAW cannot be held responsible for any changes made prior to engagement or made by any third party

    6. The Customer agrees that any content or imagery supplied for inclusion in the website or articles will be owned by the Customer, or for which the Customer has been given permission to use. The Customer agrees to protect and defend RAW from any liability arising from the use images or content to which no permission has been granted.